O compatriots, it's been so long

Hello Burriful peeps,

Counting 11 months of God's faithfulness, he is worthy to be praised. God is near to them that are near to him, at every corner if you incline your heart, God is near.
If you are saying or thinking that you can't seem to find this near God, my question to you is, have you checked his word?!

Imagine you have a neighbour you like so much, not that you are close close but the times you hang out to have coffee or what's not it's usually very good and tight. One day you turn up to their door with your mug of coffee and suddenly their house is under lock and key you knock and knock (comments upon comments) but no reply. No letter left for you no forwarding address just cold break and you have to go back to your house with your cold cup of coffee while wondering what happened.

Well that is how it feels sometimes when a blogger just ups and leave without any prior warning.

Phhew, that is off my chest.

I know I did not give gist about my short break, well because it was uneventful, it could have easily been me going to the other end of town. I mean I went by air and was there within an hour and mostly stayed indoors. Although there was an official dinner which I attended and it was fab.
The food was fabulicious plus they served some Suya like that which took me straight to Sabo in Nigeria, it was off the eazzy. The company of folks I was in, the music, the MC and all was tight.
Talk about knowing how to take care of guests, these folks were on top of the game.

We had to stand up for the official national anthem at one point (the high commissioner's arrival). Now, maybe it was the fact that it's been so long I sang the national anthem officially or the fact that I was in company of very notable and respectable Nigerians I am not sure, however I felt quite emotional as we sang. More than a few thoughts including hopeful ones went through my mind concerning Motherland, Nigeria.

That was the highlight of the short break, rest of the days was spend just lazying around, doing a bit of personal work/study and general catching up on gist with my hosts.

Ended up missing my return flight because of too much gist, so decided to come back by overnight coach, that was also uneventful till we got to UK border.

I was not a happy bunny when the driver woke everyone up to get down for immigration control. Especially as we had to step out into the cold before going inside the control office.

My turn came and lady at the counter looked at my passport, looked at me then, looked at the passport again then asks me my date of birth (bear in mind that I just woke up from my relatively comfy sleep)...I answered her by asking "What is the date of birth written on the passport?". A 'don't mess with me this early morning' scowl accompanied my answer just for emphasis' - lol.

Miss Adamant goes "Yes I know the date of birth on the passport, just need you to confirm". I mumbled my DOB and she said "thank you", and then smiled "you are so lucky, you look nothing like your age".

In my head I was thinking 'whatever' but smiled wryly while managing a muffled thanks. Later chided myself for being such a grump when all the lady was doing was her job.

Anyhoo back on coach, then 10mins later had to disembark yet again because we were now on the ferry and apparently we are mandated to go walk inside and get on the ferry deck. "Why can't these folks just let me sleep in peace, if I am on the coach which is on a ferry surely it is the same thing". The driver did not agree and insists we all have to vacate the coach. So off we go and I start wandering around avoiding temptation of buying anything on deck talk about being overpriced hmmph, even the need to spend the remaining euro on me was not strong enough.

45mins later we get to Dover and proceed back on the coach off the ferry and continue the journey by road. I must have slept for only 30mins or so when some Essex boys (see reason below) starts to demo craziness insisting the driver stop on the motorway for them to get off.


Driver tells these yobs that his destination is Victoria and he can't stop for obvious reasons. The boys fariga, insisting that they live close by (hence my conclusion that they were Essex boys, cos it was around that area and the accent as well) blah blah. In short when they insisted they were going to kick door open and jump out of the moving coach, while sitting behind the driver shouting like loonies, the driver complied and they got off.

Ope o I breathed a sigh of relief that, at least it was not a ploy to get the coach hijacked as I feared. Thing is while the drama was foing on all I was thinking of was one Abuja trip I went years ago and the coach nearly got hijacked by armed robbers.

From the on it was smooth sailing till we reached London, where I had a few days stop over before travelling down to my end again.

So that was how I spent my last holiday.

Thanks Aloted and SimeonBaba for loving my blog so much they passed the award below to moi.

I pass it on the first 9 bloggers to leave a comment on this post

Till later

Mixed Emotions

Ma Peeps,

I CAN do everything through him who gives me strength.

Thank you Lord for strength for today and the hope for tomorrow.

On confirming the election result, I was in a sombre surreal mood. On the one hand trying to comprehend that the next president of United States is BLACK as in my own colour yeeerrrekkkke! On the other hand I was reflective on the "I can" slogan.

Is that it? Just like that, is that how history is made, reckless abandonment of status quo in tireless pursuit of unimaginable ambition / dream.

An opportunistic and strategically planned move that capitalises on the weakness of the way, things are currently being run.

Sheer HARD WORK (in form of tireless campaignes) and the support of all around in whatever way they can. Not taking any little help for granted (donations of $2 not considered small).

My own reflection has got me thinking on what things I COULD have done and what things I CAN now do and must now do. Like everyone I have been inspired by the victory no doubt, Obama just proved Phillipians 4:13 to be true.

So watch out for 30+, yeeaaaahhh because SHE CAN!

Still on the election gists, Nigerians have a sense of humour, I don't know how folks come up with stuff like the funny headlines some to my inbox (see below) especially the last two.

If USA was Nigeria , today (a week after election)'s papers Headlines would read something’s like: ·

  • Don't celebrate yet, McCain tells Obama (TELL magazine)

  • Concede defeat, Obama urges McCain (Punch Newspaper)

  • 20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun Newspaper)

  • McCain Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard Newspaper)

  • Elections rigged - Palin (Guardian Newspaper)

  • No evidence of manipulation (NTA News)

  • The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)

  • There will be violence if we lose; McCain declares (LTV 8 news)

  • Election results for Arizona , Florida , New York awaited (Channels News)

  • Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune Newspaper)

  • "McCain is an opportunist - Go back to your farm" says Biden(AIT News)

  • I will not accept results, McCain tells Obama (MITV News).

  • Democratic Party will rule the USA for the next 100 years - Clinton Declares (ThisDay Newspaper

  • Area Boys 20 killed, 30 injured at New Jersey Polling Booth )(Daily Mirror)

  • Obama: ‘I will soon roll out timetable for Royal Blessings’(PM News)

  • Several Ballot Boxes Missing at Phoenix , handwork of ‘Obama Boys’ - Republican Party(gatewaytv News)

  • Heavy Security at INEC H/quarter, Commissioners flee. (Newswatch Magazine)

  • $900million for Feeding and Wardrobe Allowances for Obama’s Daughters Justified (Presidential Spokeperson)


  • MIO NI GBA O!! - McCAIN (Akede Agbaye)
Location, Location
Bloggers sha! I said no one should ask where I was in my previous post, yet some folks could not resist, I understand :). Anyhoo while in my secret location I opened Allied's blog (see below) and saw some strange words, checked mine and a few others and it was all the same. I panicked and asked my hostess why my computer was messing up, until she reminded me where I was...

I got myself a new camera, it arrived today and am quite excited.

Till later

Madness - Americans do not Vote?!

Hi Peeps,

The countdown has begun!

There is one presidency that is not up for election, it is the office of the president of the Universe, master and King...El Shaddai. No controversy.

I have been hooked on the presidential election frenzy in the past 72hrs, especially since CNN happens to be one of the few channels broadcasting in English in this particular city (shh don't ask me where I am).

Anyhoos as per the title, as much as the frenzy has been going on for Obama, I am cautious that Americans and indeed the whole world don't just stop on celebrating the need for change while not neglecting making the change itself i.e. Voting for the change.
According to CNN news, in time past millions of Americans do not bother to turn out to vote but I believe that tide has changed.

Forget Race, Creed or Gender, it's about change full stop.

Someone defines Madness as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result hence it will be madness to
  • Forgetting / Refusing to vote or Assuming your one vote does not count.
  • Voting for the typical face fits the bill candidate, change is NOT TYPICAL.
I am not a US Citizen so shame I can't vote :(. However if I had the opportunity, my choice will be clear.

Dignity and Integrity are some qualities that I find endearing and in this race my choice has demonstrated it. He answers the questions asked and focussing on the issues, distancing himself from personal attacking and throwing of mudslings.

So while I don't know about having a full resume or his future performance on the surmountable task of becoming the next US president, I can only go on what I have heard and seen so far to declare that the not so Typical candidate gets my vote today.

How is this for a change: Lewis Hamilton became the youngest Formula One winner (he happens to be black).