Bon Anniversaire

Hi Peeps

Trust you are all doing great and enjoying the summer.

Peeps mi, as you read this post just repeat these words for me "Baba God, 30+ is grateful, she is thanking you for all you have done and what you are going to do, she wishes she had a billion tongues just to tell you how grateful she is"

The plan is if at least a few folks read this post and the repeat the words above (not carried away by the cakes below) God would have heard in more than one language and in different Continents that this baby daughter of HIS alias "30+ of Blogsville" appreciates HIM.

Have you helped me thank him? Oya thank you for thanking HIM.

If the cake is not enough, Darkelcee is organising some more on her blog, bless her heart.

Updated: Mommy too has got some cake for me (only if you are bold or alien inclined - lol)

I no get plenti to talk, feeling so loved from all messages I have been recieving all morning.

Indeed I have a reason to praise the Lord.

14th and Serenity premier is sometime later today you can watch/read free of charge on my account, tell them it's 30+ Birthday.


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What's up, how you all keeping.

"Mo gbe oju mi si oke woni, ni bo ni iranlowo mi yio ti wa, iranlowo mi yio ti owo oluwa wa eni ti o da orun ati aiye" ("I lift my your eyes Up towards the Heaven, from whence comes My help, My help comes from the Lord who made the Heavens and Earth").

Alphaly speaking (permit the grammar to be so) , you must look up first to Heaven for help, HE will send help down for you to receive, He is that faithful. A mother may forget her suckling child But God is always mindful go you.

Don't look down before looking up, Look Up before looking down because the Help you really need is from above.

You have heard o

It is official, you bloggers are lovely and adorable. I could not help but smile as I saw the attempts some quite futile to match tbloggers to the description and the modesty of some obvious bloggers as they wondered if they were on the list :).

I have to say this 'the Dude that made me laugh when I first came to blogville was 'Baba Alaye intel'. Before Fineboy was there was BabaAlaaye, fineboy na im Son. Awon winch and haters anons chased him.

Maybe one day when I no get gist or I get writers block, I will post the other names against the list.

Tagged by Darkelcee (a.ka. Dudulafe) and Kpakpando (a.k.a Lipsy).

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged
Here goes

1) 30+ likes counting and calculating - nope I am not an accountant, just like counting and mental multiplications. One of my childhood memories involves an attempt to count the number of beans in a Bag those 30-40kg type ones. I fell asleep just after two congo (bowl) or so. I have since realised that all I needed to do was concentrate on counting one bowl then work out how many bowls are in the bag and that should give me an estimate. Now I need to find me a bag of beans and some idle time (both are luxuries these days).

2) I am an expressionist i.e. my expression does a lot of talking (I know I am murdering English here, bear with me). So in as much as I try to avoid talking, folks can easily read me 'cos of the facials I pull.

3) I love my beverage, must have at least two cups a day.

4) I bring up my food after eating, especially meat and diary stuff.

5) If you need someone to help you cry, you can count on me, I can cry for Olympics.

6) I often interject my sentences or gist with french especially when I am having a serious or formal discussion, oui I do (exactly just like that). My boss once asked if I actually speak french (yes in my dreams).

I tag Ejatutu and Ms Kiki

I have just been hooking up with my old friends from like donkey years ago, courtesy of facebook and networking through some other friends. In short in the past two weeks I have had long gist over phone with ma peeps in Naija (6 of them o), chatted with another one in Singapore abi wetin call, another in Canada. Good news all around o, these folks are now Big Boyz doing well for themselves, I am so pleased.

Yippee I am counting down to my Birthday, eh karamba, God is good. It's a privilege to be called by his name.


1 yr on ....

Hi Peeps

Wow it seems that times does fly. Whatever we are going through remember that the phrase "these too shall pass". Life has different terrains, from the valley to the hills, to the plain, to the brooks, the sea, the lake, the wilderness, the dessert.

We can learn so much from the unseen/uknown God from the things he has made. He is the master of the universe.

A year today I put up my first post on Blogsville starting a most interesting, educational, engaging and roller coster ride journey. Though my profile says April, it took till May to finally put up a post and figure out what to write.

My blog introduction sounds nothing like what my blog gist/journey has been. Why? Answer is also in my introduction .... he started a new thing in me. Hence rather than delivering on the promised rollercoster, venting of frustrations, the gists on this blog has been mainly 'an easy read' with a dash of humour as I recount some daily happenings and observation in my world.

The 30+ that started this blog was at a place of despair and gloom where she struggled to sense and find her maker as she tried to hold on to her saness adjusting to so many changes as her so called achievement that was eroding her peace.

The 30+ writing this post feels loved, joyful, blessed and divinely favoured. I know that the one who saved me lives,

On Blogville I have

Picked up more Pidgin English than before Na, Una, wetin, na so.
Started writing things like prolly, ishh, sheeznees.
Got myself an official blog sister and brother, no blog boo yet :( ehn did I hear cradle snatcher.
Wrote a poem off cuff
Wrote an inspired poem and short story
Got my creative juice to come alive again
Shared my weirdness
Have written a few posts
Got more than a couple of comments - lol
Made friends plenty of them – (I wrote name (s) against the list but took it out, it's more fun guessing, some will be easier to guess than others though)
  • The one I see as my aburo for real
  • The one who reminds me constantly of what I would rather be doing
  • The one whom I see as my brethren/comrade
  • The one who is bent on engaging my brain full throttle when reading their post
  • The one whose post is ever so sensual and makes me wonder
  • The one I feel like sitting down and raking for just 'cos I love 'em so
  • The one I really want to meet and hug tight
  • The one whose cyniscm does not deter my fondness
  • The one whom I gave the title regular lovely blogger
  • The one who could easily be my friend from the past
  • The one whom I admire as intelligent
  • My aburo
  • The mumsies group
  • The one I find endearing
  • The one who encourages down to her blog title
  • The one whose love for I AM challenges
  • The one whose blog is touch and go
  • The one whose blog is a pure pleasure to read
  • The one who shares my name and delivers as such
  • The veteran whose passion I commend
  • The dude that made me laugh so hard when I first came upon blogsville
  • The Young Lad
  • The traveller
  • The one I call Writer
  • The ambitious babe
  • The ones I see as three Musketeers
  • The kind hearted Husband
  • The one whose blog name makes me think of fairies
  • The no nonsense blogger
  • The one whom I call Babe
  • The one with whom I have more than a few things in common (tis almost scary)
  • The one whose Avatar made me smile now it's been changed :(
  • The one who unknowingly inspired me to blog but does not know my blog

To you all above and everyone who has read my posts, left comments or passed by this way.

30+ is saying

“E seun”, “Nagode”, “Sosahan”, “Imela”, “Thank You”, “Dankschen”, “Merci”, “Siyabonga”, “Shukriya", “Obrigada”, “Gracias”, “Dan san”, “Grazie”, "Doh je"


Another day in the corporate world


With or without hair me I am thankful and will continue to thank him especially as this is my Month, the MONTH OF MAY.

I am persuaded that the wish of some BB (balding/balded bloggers) will not come to pass, when help is available from sharp babes like Sherri and LaReine. I will soon come and share my story probably even write a book on it self. I can see the title now it will be called "Opelope Anointing". Voila I am on the essential oil mix train o, anointing the bald areas at night according to info from (cool site for hair). Another good site is the also long hair forumn.

So on a good day like that I decided to strike conversation with a colleague in the name of socialisation.

Now please understand that due to the stressful condition that the conversation created, the victim a.k.a myself could not possibly have remembered what he said word for word but the conversation below will give you an idea of my ordeal.

30+: "Good morning Kevin, I hear you grow daisies"

Kevin: “Funny thing you should say that it’s a good morning because when I woke up this morning the daisies behind my bedroom window overlooking the gnomes and the lililies were witling despite the fact that spring is here. And I thought this is not a good morning I suspect that the rain from yesterday which was about 4 inches must have drowned them and as you probably know next to Tulips, daisies are the most delicate of all biennial flowers. I remember when we went to Sweden’s national park and the tour guide mentioned that they had a breed of ducks which were just like pink flamingos. The ducks actually were all lined up by the brooks of the water which was surrounded by daisies similar to the one in my back garden. Actually do you want to see the pictures that I took on that trip to Sweden? Sweden was more of a stop over than the holiday destination, because that summer we were actually headed for Berlin, from Stansted. I remember vividly because it was the Independence Day in the United States…..blah blah”.

20mins later (no exaggerations) I am wondering why I did not listen to my first instinct that said 'avoid socialisation till you have had your Tea and Breakfast'

Please my peepos, how in the name of all things designer labelled do you tell your colleague that he is talking too much. Bear in mind that I could not really say what was on my mind, which was something along the lines of "Chai Bros you too dey yarn dust, abeg hol your side and daisies make I go chop" or "abeg e don do, I just dey form, I have no interest whatsoever in daisies if they want to wilt they can wilt infact I can't tell a daisy from tulip even if my life depended on it" or "Okay give me a break I do not give two monkeys about poxy flowers like that, I am just trying to appear as an inclusive part of the team .....

Anyone seeing the stock market, food and petrol prices....starts to hum 'we shall overcome'

Till later