OH LA!!!

Hi Peeps,

Merry Christmas everyone. Trust y'all having a good one. Thank God for his unending love and mercy.

Well I am having a good time in LA, yes ke, in fact I am broadcasting live from LA.

Small Rant: I had to pay $14 extra for 24hr internet access, imagine that pstew. if not that I was missing Blogville.

LA Highlights so far, seeing the sunset on Santa Monica Beach. Oh my dayz tis was spectacular.
As the sun went down on one side the moon was coming out on the other withing a short period of time. I stood in awe meditating on these two incredible entities wondering on the mystery of it all. Geography tells me that the earth is spinning in it's orbit hence we move around the sun blah de blah, however that theory was furthest from my mind as I beheld this happening before my very eyes. See video below.

The hills around Los Angeles generally are amazing, however as you drive down descending to Camarillo City, phew one word Fantastic (click on the pictures for better view). I felt humble looking at the mountains sprawled out in majestic splendour with overlays of green and golden grass carpet. GOD IS AMAZING the work of nature indeed speak of HIS MAJESTY.

Pix 1 (side view)

Pix 2 (Camarillo city seen beyond)

Pix 3 (more view from side)

Pix 4

On another note, LA DRIVING IS CRAZY, I think most drivers get weed as present for passing their driving test.....(full gist later).

Till later, we will ALL enter year 2008 with nothing / no one missing nor any loss suffered in Jesus Name.


8 Wierd Things

Howdy people,

Thank God that we are alive at such a time like this. "He whom has kept us this far will continue with us".

I was tagged by Princessa to let you in on the weirdness of 30+

Un: I like counting. It is borderline obsessive but not compulsive e.g. I will stand outside a high rise and building start counting the floors and number of windows it has. I will carry my coin box empty it all and start counting sorting by denomination. If you ever see me in church or a party stretching my neck as if searching for someone na lie, I am probably counting the number of people in that gathering.

Deux: I am no 2 biased. This to me is the mother of weirdness. If I am staying overnight in your house or a couple of days/1 week. I will not be able to do no 2. However if I come just for a brief visit and the white house is clean I have no qualms. I have tried and proven this weirdness many times and it still holds true.

Trois: I zone out a lot. E.g we are all together in a living room having a good gist and generally yarning. Next thing 30+ is all quiet, you have to tap her to come back. It is usually because a thought has come to my mind and I have to process there and then, it can't wait.

Quarte: I like watching cartoons. Although these days I don't watch any form of T.V. however when I do watch it, amongst my favourite shows are/were Rugrats (until they grew up - not cool), Arnold and Recess. Sshh don't tell anyone but there was actually a time I stayed up to watch teletubbies.

Cinq: I remember random things about people. E.g. I met you 10yrs ago and suddenly see you again my memory flashes all I see in my mind is Cat. Why because you probably told me you were having your cat neutered back then. I may not remember your name or where we met but remember your cat's name, or your aunty's birthday e.t.c

Seize: I do a lot of acting/stories in my head e.g. I see some folks in the supermarket and the guy does or say something bad, in my head I see that the wife did something yesterday and this was how she did it and why she did it. I also continue their story in my head, what will happen when they get home, who will say sorry. I also go ahead to write a story of how the man or woman grew up (remember I don't know these folks from jack).

Sept: My expressions are a dead give away of how I feel. Picture this you come into a room and tell a lie, 'involuntarily' my nose turns up and my eye says yeah right. It has no respect for who is talking, I could do the same in front of Yaradua and have gotten into trouble a couple of times as folks have reported that I called them a liar (not me o, my expression). I am working very hard to moderate it, these days you will hardly notice, except for keen observers (like my current boss).

Huit: I am a people watcher. We are at a party and everybody is grooving, even while dancing and laughing my eyes dashes round and I notice the smallest frown, the fake laugh, the one that seemed confused and will describe them back to you as such. Forget what they were wearing just say "the one that smiled least at the party" and and I will get the gist. I also 'used to' stare a lot so much so as a small child I was given a nickname to that effect. Presently I have now perfected the art doing it without the object/subject's knowledge so I no longer call it staring but "Observing".

Here goes I hereby tag darkelcee, undacova, bimbylads, jaybabe, onyiodchic, kimpossible, aminata, naijafineboy (hope he wakes from slumber). If you have been tagged before that means you still got some weirdness to share (lol) .

Thanks guys for all your comments my itinerary done full, blogville rocks. Mochafella you tew much, the guy gave me LA 411 in one comment. So I am packing my bags bit by bit may not be able to update till I get there. I do hope the room has Internet access as I will not pay any extra $5 for access after the $XXXs per night for the room. Need to check with my sis who did the booking. If there is Internet access then I will try to broadcast live from LA. If not have a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS


LA and Inspired

Hi peeps,

Happy new month to y'all, 2007 is packing her load, thank God for enduring mercy. The countdown has begun. For me on the one hand is the 2008 countdown, while the other is the countdown for my trip to the city of Angels.

Yes o, if you were planning to come over mine for Christmas you have missed it. This babe is flying her behind out for some good fun. I am so giddy with exctiement because this time I plan to have a proper holiday not those shopping trip frenzy that I have been calling holiday.

Here is the plan, you drop a comment on the must have experiences in LA city and I promise I will not dissapoint. Will visit all the places you mention and come back with loads of gist, okay not only gist but cyber gifts.

Anyways as I promised Allied, this is the piece her poem inspired me to write

Your name flashed on the phone

Without hesitating I called back and said

'I know'

Moments later we are sitting speechless

Taking in each other from the corner of our eyes

Old damn fools, fools in love

We were both on the High

We mused at the sheer Irony

All the while we played perfect harmony

Good music sweet for all to dance

Yet we only played to enhance

Hung up on perfecting each piece

We failed to see our masterpiece

I paused, looking forlorn then you turned nigh

You Knew

Your heart stopped beating and I heard you sigh

I knew

Last night, the Orchestra came crashing down

The fat lady brought the house down

You pleaded that I set you free

And I knew

When you love someone you let them be

If they are yours they will come back to you

Now I let out a tear

That you are nowhere near

As I breathed in the chillness of December

I went back inside, drawn towards the fire embers

Looking distantly at the grand fireplace

I finally knew

Thing is, you were never mine in the first place

© copyright 30+ - Dec '07

Take care and God bless, remember to drop the must do things in LA