In conclusion

Hello Peeps,

There is nobody like you Lord, like arugbo ojo - that's what I have got playing over and over again on my laptop media as I type
Yes ke there is no one like him, how else can I thank him for all he has done and he is doing.
 I kira fun baba God a million times with a million tongues, not enough

You have heard it before and it's true in my case as well. I wrote a post many times but alas it was in my head that the post was written.

I wrote the post about the Sunday Sunday dude who did not tell me that the friend he constantly mentioned and reported to at so called ungodly hours was the actually the girl he told me about, the post was one longyness of a post. I wrote it honestly but it was in my head that I wrote it. How he commended my cooking and how I took courage to ask a burning question that I sensed and he fell yakata for ground.

I wrote about the dude that thinks God is everywhere even when you take someone's name to join your own by force by fire (schwepps I thought that was a girl thing). I wrote what courage it took to walk away, what relief it felt listening to elderly and Godly advice.

And then I actually started to write an entry of myself and paddy mi in a private blog but only managed a few entries. I was going to write about the strange questions folks ask me about paddy "Has he been married before?", "Does he have a child?" "Is he illegal?" and how I could almost sense disappointment when I say "none of the above and yes we are age mates". I did not understand until much must have really looked bleak for thirty+ especially when good men are scarce.

A man once told me about Elijah and the remnant prophets who did not bow to Baal, I believed him then theoretically and as a believer but now I believe him even more because I am a witness to it.

I am endlessly thankful and totally gobsmacked about God's faithfulness.

Between taking pictures at weddings, working 9-5, shuttling between two abodes, chasing defaulters and planning a wedding it has been one wonderful ride this year.

So in conclusion, here is to the wonderful friends I have made on blogville, to the few frogs that came my way, to my paddy who sealed our friendship with a ring (still pinching myself and love you gan ni o)

I'm off blogville.

Till we meet again on facebook,  another blog, at a function, on a flight, somewhere, anywhere, this is soon to be Mrs Oluwathirty+ saying keep keeping it real, keep loving God, keep representing him everywhere you go, there is nobody like our God.

Aurevoir, O digba, Goodbye :)