Schipol Airport

Hi Peeps

Then sings my soul, how great thou art, how great thou art, enough said.

You probably guessed from my last note what I have been up to.

God does answer prayers even when it's quarter to no hope, he shows up by sending help. On that note a big shout out to Shonavixen for the hook up with D, D was just absolutely fab.

I just have to vent a bit about Schipol Airport (Amsterdam).

Schipol Airport doesn't come across as being friendly. Maybe it's my imagination but once is a chance, twice a coincidence, three is like hmnn

1) I have passed through Schipol Airport quite a number of times this year and honestly everytime I arrive there, I am welcomed by "Will passenger van deer gutang for destination Kuala Lumpur please get on the plane otherwise their luggage will be taken off the plane". It leaves me wondering why folks are always late at this particular Airport

2) I don't like the idea of a Toilet flushing itself especially when it's a dumb toilet. I fess up first time I went by and the white house released itself I jumped a bit. Especially as I hadn't a chance to even hang my bag talk less of..... And of course you wait after you finish to make sure it does flush itself after da bizness. I demand the right and liberty to administer the flushing judgement.

3) The People / Staff - Witness this dude who was being denied taking his Jack Daniels on board despite the fact it was bought from Duty Free, their excuse it was NOT sealed. You need to see the way they were going on at the man like he had just been found with cocaine. Maybe because he was Nigerian but come on...... . Common sense should have prevailed instead of the gang up on the guy. Eventually someone with a bit of sanity came and offered to check the bottle in.
And you don't want to see the way they eye your passport whether green, red or black. Me, if you eyeball my pali, I will eyeball you and your uniform number (if any) in a matter of don't try me else...... (you must at least have shakara).

One more thing, their "just before you board security check" one one side of the Airport wing is downright annoying. Why can't they just be like other folks and have the general gate security check instead of having it at every boarding gate. Wasteful and Oversabi.

What else is new?

I'm editing pictures like there's no tomorrow, got a backlog to clear.

Which brings me to this, what has your hands found to do lately?

What are you waiting for?

God will reward your effort.

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