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Ma Peeps

Unto the Lord be the glory, great things he has done. Protection, favour are top of the list of the things that baba God has done for me.

NEPA, Okada o, Mosquito o, stinky helmet, crazy driving, unsympathetic sweltering temperature, norrin dey happen I full ground well well, naija was quite okay.
Ok I admit, I did not full ground at all when some soldier guy decided to shoot in the air to scare a few tactless drivers. As in, it's like, you know, just right in front of me, live and direct I saw a gun being fired. *'Tafa o' my liver jumped into my mouth as all the horror stories of misfiring did a fast forward play in my memory and I quickly ducked in my seat to the amusement of my friend who was the one driving.
Friend: "He just fired in the air now, it's meant to scare those guys off"
Me: "Okayyeee o" whilst wondering what happened to the good old tear gas, or banging on a car or simply barking an order.

Thing is it's been quite a long time I heard a gun shot and even much, much, much longer time since I saw a gun fired. Needless to say, I was a bit shaken(just a bit o). Anyway like I said norring dey happen.

I sold most of the items I took with me save some shirts and some bits and bobs. Thank God for that.

It's good visit one's home country as much as possible to witness some of the metamorphosis so one can be in the know. Man mi I open mouth for Oshodi o, kai, Fashola is trying.

Glad I went and came back in one piece, thank you Lord

Other Stories

An immigration / customs / Airport official asks for a passengers passport and then proceed to open an american visa page which had expired (how did I know?!, it belonged to my travelling buddy). The officer only looked at the expired visa page o and returned the passport back waving the passenger to proceed. I was going to be cheeky and ask if she notice the lady's visa had expired and other question including what her role is, if she needed glassed but decided to mind my business.

This issue of copyright business is not funny, it is sad when a blogger uses their time and creativity to create original material for his/her blog just to have some smarty pant rank xerox it. Worse still there seems to be no way of bring the offender(s) to order. It is sad indeed.
By the way the Anon person or persons that said they will be fapping my 'Him and me post', a permission should be granted before going ahead to use anybodys property (intellectual or otherwise). And please do reference this URL site if and when the article is used.

I have watched JENIFA like four times now and it's still a rib cracker. However, getting an email from Jennifer was puzzling see below:

Hello Dear,How are you today i hope you are fine. my name is miss jennifer,iam a yung lady i saw your profile today at( i became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,I hope you will be the true loving, honest, trutfull,God faring,trustworld,sincere, and caring man,that I have been looking for,And I have something special to tell you about myself, So please reply me now so that I will send you my picture and tell you what i want to tell you about my self.God bless you.Yours sincerely jennifer.

The mail arrived in my inbox complete with email address,

Pity this *mugun can not *gbori wole for so many reasons and on so many lefus (levels), *mo le ju gbogbo iyen lo

*Tafa o - An exclamation coined by thirty plus, understandable only to her
*Mugun - term for a stupid / greedy victim of fraud.
*gbori wole - swallowing a bait
*mo le ju gbogbo iyen lo - I am too wise to fall for that scam

Till Later

My Naija

Blog Peeps,

God owns all the land and continent for realz, he is the original Alale (land owner). Thank you father for the Godly inheritance that I have in you including landed properties.

Okay to answer all your questions, I am not relocating o, no way hosey! Relocation to Naija is not even on the radar at the moment.

I know folks say that "there is no place like home", but there is another saying that "home is where the heart is". For now my heart is in the town where I get fresh drinking water from the tap, freezing cold unpredictable weather, walking by the river side close to my house to reflect, lovely hills and scenery, the laid back enviroment, the friendships I have built.

You get the gist, my heart is not in Nigeria except for the occassional holiday. Not even the persuasive words and posts of my friend Postcard from Lagos can persuade me otherwise.

Meanwhile I am totally enjoying PH and was very impressed by some of the improvements in Gidi. I mean it only took like one and half hours for us to drive from VGC to Ikeja during rush hour was expecting it to be 3 hours. Yet to get on the BRT sha, will try to do that before I return, as for Okadas, mum is the word...

Darkelcee I no fit reach you o ringing no reply.

Till Later, love you yanfu yanfu