Old News reaching us.....Children Protest

Peeps mi,

Thanking God for the gifts of children, they are the future.

I try not to get passionate about some things, one of which is politics and the ills of the society.

One thing is for sure and that I am not ambivalent about, moral decadence can and will only get worse. Politics will continue to be a dirty game. And as much as I want to believe Nigeria will be great, the journey is indeed long.

"Hundreds of toddlers and children on Sunday took to the streets in Port Harcourt to protest incessant kidnapping of underaged persons in Rivers State". More here

I know the story is a bit dated but am I irrational in my thinking when I say that it should never have happened, it is errant nonsense marinated in gross irresponsibility.

Is it okay that I am here praying that the days of WAI should be implemented again for jus for one day enough for me to go to PH and personally flog the crap out of the adults who followed this todlers protest march.

For the love of cheerios some of this kids are still in Diapers and you are having them carry placards in the hot sun.

The message is clear isn't it: - "We the adult will not fight for you children, we are pot bellied weaklings who are guzzling their future down with a side dish of fatted turkey. You must defend yourself and what best way to get you started than carrying placards when you are still in diapers."

The folks set machinery of kidnapping, somehow manage to negotiate payment and yet claim the kidnapppers are elusive. It does not add up. And this so called demonstration which I believe wholeheartedly to be a bit of (if not totally) propaganda.

Oh please, the kids demonstration is just what we need to stop the kidnapping once and for all, especially when the kidnappers have a heart and are can be dissuaded by seeing the little cuties sweating it out in the sun. Like the kids being targeted by kidnappers are actually the ones carrying placards.

I can just imagine Junior the 3 year old Son of Chief Engineer Anthony Emeritus Paytene of the Glaxonchevmobil company taking permission from his dad to go for a demonstration against kidnapping. Chief Anthony turn and says "yes my boy you can go, make sure you carry your 'superman rucksack' the one I bought for Harrods with some chocolate drinks and hotdogs, and you can go to demonstrate your heart out". Yeah right

Chin up children - selling bread and akara after school hours have not broken you, child molestation and abuse have not broken you. You are still here standing strong. These placards you are now being asked to carry has gotten nothing on you, you will still stand strong.



Ma Peeps,

To him who is able to keep us in Perfect Peace do I Kira fun.

Anyway Anyhow 30+ must yin Baba God.

As per post title, ok hold yourselves no one died again at least not that I know of.

Like someone replied in the comments to Orun Makanju "I shall not die but live and declare the Glory of the Lord". Most folks just stop on the "I shall not die but live", they are not mindful of the rest of the statement which says "and declare the Glory of the Lord".

Are you declaring the glory of the Lord with all you have, your body, soul and spirit or you just want to live for the sake of it.

Talking of which, Life is for living, living to me means all that I do speaks and demonstrate that there is a God. Like the preacher said it is better to remember Him while we are here on this earth because once death comes like "ti e ba e, oyo lo wa" ("your own has caught up with you" as in your are on your own).

There is a question that keeps bugging me. You know how we all go RIP (Rest In Peace) when someone dies, is it more of a slang or is it heartfelt?

IMO - I often wonder whether RIP is really the right thing to say. Would it not be better to say something like "Wow he / she died, all the best on the other side o". Yes now, truth be told I can safely say 99.9% of folks who say RIP to a dead person have themselves never died before and hence have no clue what is happening on the other side so why do you wish someone to rest in peace.

If wishing peace is a good thing, what will you do if someone wishes you Rest In Peace as you are about to go to bed....I can imagine some folks reaction will including cursing the fellow or saying back to sender - lol.

Speaking strictly from the scriptures:

Death is a transition, the place of taking off this earthly suit in exchange for another one. It is appointed for man to die ONCE and after that judgement.

When I leave this earthly suit, I imagine I will be giddy with excitement more than that of 4 year old on a christmas morning probably will fly faster than the goodness and mercy angels to embrace the Lord Jesus. One time I will sign up to join the heavenly choir kia kia, and be among the ones that will do orisirisi dance and rababa for Father Lord.

There was this dude friend of mine and it so happened that we where praying together, on a particular occassion. Suddenly the guy started praying loudly (he was leading) for his mum for like 10 - 15 minutes, no biggie shey. Well the said Mum died like 5-7 yrs ago or somefink. Initially when he started on that prayer point, I had to open one eye to check if he was for real and yep he was dead serious (no pun intended). Prayers like make her comfortable, let her eat the best of the food in heaven and wear the best, wipe her tears, let her be happy look back and be a mother indeed and thing and thin…along that line sha….

Although I was Amen, but mehn I did not feel comfortable "which kind alakoba prayer is this". I was counter praying inside my head "Father the living and the dead have nothing in common", "Father Lord I bind any mama from looking back and seeing me in the name of Jesus", "I bind, I loose, I take captive, I cover myself in the blood of Jesus"

Later when I asked him stylishly about his odd prayer, he said no prayer was ever wasted....okayee o. I remain unconvinced, he prolly was praying like that to make himself feel better about the loss.

So back to RIP, when you say the word do you sincerely mean it as a prayer and do you think it makes any difference to the dead person. How come we don't say things like 'Have fun', 'Enjoy yourself', 'keep a space for me' e.t.c

It's just bugging me

Why do we people spend time creating chaos for themselves and the people around them only to have Rest In Peace engraved on the tombstone. Today seek peace with God, yourself and with all around you.