Hello ma peeps,

Praise be to the LORD, the God of my life, who has not abandoned his kindness and faithfulness to moi. As for me, the LORD has led me on the journey of my life so far and he will continue to lead me all my life.

I am back and inspired (not) by my transit stay in London to note down some of the good, bad and ugly of this capital city which is one of the most expensive in the world.

The good
The joy of getting to the bus stop just as the bus is arriving
Being able to source almost anything Nigerian that you want at relatively good price.
High chance of bumping into an old friend.
Chances of hearing someone else's gist on the bus.
Theatres and Restaurants (endless variety)

The bad
Being offered a seat because you look 3-4 month pregnant.
The constant chatterings of those "you getme's" a.ka. shaniquas, roshandas
Seeing every other wannabes carrying a knock off version of your bag.
The metro litter

The downright ugly
The dude that grinds you at the back and pulling away proves difficult 'cos you are all squashed.
The underground train system has no personal hygiene screening for it's users.
The madness of early morning rush at Victoria and King's cross underground station in the morning.
Idiots with boom box bigger than their car with no concept of noise pollution.


Needed to buy me a nice weave (in London) and after the getting the attention of the sales lady to pick a particular one, she drops me the information about a dude that was eyeing her. I am not sure how that add inches or sheen to my weave but I obliged her banter asking if she liked the dude in return. Following the light hearted conversation and the completion of the transaction. She dutifully informed me "You know when my spirit says I should sell for you, I sell for you but if my spirit says no I just tell the other girl to serve you, that is why I serve you". Ok o let's just hope the spirit does not tell your boss not to pay your salary. At least the spirit moved her to sell me a nice half wig that fits me wonderfully well.

It is not a good idea to go on long vacations, you get more drawn into the delusion that life is about long walks in the park, shopping like the world is coming to an end and adventorous visits to different places of interest.

I am seriously slacking on blogville, not visiting other blogs as much as I used to nor respond to comments on my page as I used to. And what is more disturbing I don't feel as guilty as I thought I would. I THINK I MAY BE GOING THROUGH A BLOGGING CRUNCH OF SORT...LOL

Maybe I should just go back on holiday.

Till later

Wear your own shoes

Hello my peeps

I don rock am before, I go rock am again this is the song that has been filling my heart "...and when my heart is overwhelmed, please lead me to the rock that is higher than I".

You probably got the gist by now that my behind is rocking on my long holiday. This is one of the longest holidays I have heard o since the days of my non working life. I am enjoying every bit of it. I don't even want to come back sef if not because I gats to.

Ok I will try not laden you with blow by blow account maybe one of these days when I can't think of what to write. But I owe you guys some of the lovely pictures (See below)

As to my previous post, I always thought it was an obvious answer that it is better to wait on a life partner than the fruit of the womb because the pressure is not as much and you can easily give excuse of Career and Personal choice blah. However, for the fruit of the womb, right from church folks stand singing that they will be back in 9 months time (like they can make babies) and the pressure is double your folks and his folks.

After reading your comments which was an eye opener, I have come to the conclusion that it depends on who is wearing the shoe.

So let each wear his own shoe, TRUST GOD and recieve available grace for each individual, each man’s race is different so also our times and seasons are different.

I will be back from Holiday end of this week and hopefully blog better and less dry gist next week - lol

Till then

Bloopers and Question

Ma peeps

How you dey?

Let's not take anything for granted o, for me that I have fingers to type and you that have eyes to read we must to do what....GIVE THANKS TO HIM.

"If the LORD had not been on our side, when men attacked us, when their anger flared against us, they would have swallowed us alive; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us, the raging waters would have swept us away. Praise be to the LORD, who has not let us be torn by their teeth" Ps 124: 2-6

Don't act surprised na it is my logo now I must first thank the one who was, is and is to come - lol.

I may not be able to update as such o since I will not be around for a while.

Hold on .... why na, kilode

E gbami from these dudes sitting next to me o(think he is from one of the other company site) his legs keeps blocking my drawer and bumping into my desk. I don't know why the two of them are sitting on one desk (make it 3.5 'cos 1 one of them is heavy D's cousin)

The heavy one keeps breathing heavily and I am almost like asking if he is okay. The guy prolly got some thyroid or insulin problem - poor soul

Abeg let me turn and move my laptop so I fit yarn proper.

Ehn ehn as I was saying, for those asking of setting limited profile on facebook, it is all on the privacy section

Click on view friends.
On the right hand side click make a new list and give it a name (e.g limited profile, you can have different lists, tight crew, just limited info e.t.c)
Select friends you want to add to that list
Once that has been set up go to the privacy page
Click on profile and from the drop down button on each information (e.g basic info) choose customise.
From the customise box you can to limit the folks seeing using the except option you add friends or lists that can not see a particular information.
You can do the same for applications, news feed and search
For pictures go to album and choos album privacy at the top right of page and customise as well.

On to other things, in the spirit of blogville idol past here are some of my bloopers


I have been meaning to ask which is better or easier
a) To be waiting on God for a life partner
b) To be waiting for the fruit of the womb.
IMO, there is an obvious answer but abeg I want to hear your own answer with reasons to back it up.

Till Later