Blogville Idol or wetin call

Hhmn so I was fobbed off from participating on blogville idol, I does not vex in fact i refuse to curse the participants that they will get frog in their throat. That the judges will not be able to connect to the net for one reason or the other, that for the ones who need to go a cafe will not get bus on time. That the winner will have a serious encounter at the barbers or the salon the one that causes one half of the hair to be mistakenly lost.

I repeat humble Joan is not vexed, i shall not rest my oars until i see my name in the lights, my name being the talk of Broadway, I go and I return.

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BlogVille Idols said...

it seems as if we have offended thegrat one-LAWL ple pele pele..oya pele

hey pple,the contestants have sung their rock songs...pls listen to them via our voice player and vote for ur favorite.and pls leave us a comment.tanx