HIM and me

Hello Peeps

God is a speaking spirit, he is a good God

So there I was speaking with him in my heart and it went something like this

'I can’t'

'Yes you can'

'You don’t understand'

'Yes I do'

'You have never lived in flesh'

'Yes I have'

'Aaagggrrrrr it is easy for you to say'

'You really think so'

'I am going to scream now'

'Go ahead I made your mouth for such a time'

'Ok can I just swear so I feel better'?

'Like you have not done that in your heart already'

'Oh ....'

'Go on I hear your unspoken words loud and clear'

'Mehn it’s like I am naked and totally bare before you'

'Like Adam and Eve Naked'

'Exactly, can I just go and hide for a minute to sort myself'

'Go ahead but you do know I am everywhere'

'Oh for the love of God'

'G O D, that’s the name you call me'

*Sighs heavily*, 'I surrender mehn'

'That is the spirit'

*Sulking*, 'I love you big'

'Can’t get enough of you either'

'Goodnight Sir'

'Sweet dreams child'

In the morning he poured some snow flakes on the road as petals for my feet

Till later

Have a Lovely Christmas

Didn't get the memo, still I believe


When time ceases to exist, when darkness looms glaringly, when void fills the vacumn, there is a Presence that is ever present, He is GOD (Gen 1:2).

Whether or not He is acknowledged is a matter of individual choice.

Today, GOD, I acknowledge you. I acknowledge you as my father, my master, my friend, my mentor, you Oh Lord are the lover of my soul.

I did not get the memo about 1st of December and then when I did, suke blogger would not allow me sign in to post. Better late than never ehn, so here goes.

  • I believe in God because I met him not amongst a grand gathering or from the preaching of an eloquent preacher. I met God from the pages of the scripture, the book of John to be precise. Was given a New Testament Gideon's bible by an Uncle and he asked me to read the book of John. Being an avid reader I started on it when there was no pacessetter to read was and gripped. Especially when it got to what I called the climax, John 15. So gripped was I that I stayed back after school to finish reading. Was trying hard to understand why this hero who was about to die was so bothered about his friends, the one he also called brethren. A friend who had noticed the fact that I was reading a bible asked if I had become a christian and I replied no. She later asked to share with me and ask if I wanted to become one and I said yes (it was free so no harm, I thought). That was the begining of the journey.
  • I believe in God because I was a withdrawn shy girl who had low self esteem especially because of my small frame and comical characteristics. From discovering God, I realise he never makes mistakes, my petite nature gives me a USP. He created me as such so that folks can not but remember me. I realise that a merry heart is like a good medicine and the comical character was meant for mine and others heart merriment. Today I am no longer the same.
I believe in God because there have been several occassions when I have prayed for specific things and got specific results attributable to the prayer I prayed. A few instances
  1. I was in Class 3 and lost one of my gold stud ear rings, they were real gold and I had already lost quite a few. I remember mama 30+ strictly warning if you loose this earring I will let you know that God has no tribal marks. I searched the whole classroom, dining room, no show. I covered up but day 2 mama 30+ asked and I said it is hidden somewhere. School closed and dread came on me, I prayed as I have never done in my life while wondering if God was actually interested in that kind of prayer afterall it was because of my carelessness and being too playful. I stood outside the school gates dejectedly exhausted from praying and crying, suddenly felt impressed to look ahead of me and believe it or not there was tiny glistening in the sand I approached it and it was my tiny stud ear ring. I can never forget that feeling I nearly went crazy with joy. A small stud ear ring found outside a school gate the ground was not tarred mind you, it was covered in light brown sand. I know ear ring is meaningless but as far as I was concerned on that particular date it was a matter of life and death, you need to know mama 30+ to know what I am talking about.
  2. Once my brother laid on the bed writhing in pain, clutching his stomach with no Mum or Dad around and no mobile phone technology to call anyone. I laid hands on him and prayed in the name of Jesus as I have read in the bible for the pain to disappear (I was probably 14 or 15yrs old). He slept within minutes and woke up perfectly well.
  3. When things were tough in the UK, I had been asking God whether or not to go back to Nigeria and finally on this fateful day walking down the street decided to start packing as soon as I got home. I heard audibly and softly this words "it is I who works in you both to will and do of my good pleasure". I turned to see who spoke but there was no one behind me on that street. That settled it, I stayed, today I have no regrets.
I believe in God because I have never lacked comfort even though it may not be the comfort I asked at that particular time, comfort always come. A word from the bible, a phonecall, a remark, a scenery, a song, a post, a chirping bird, the sunrise, Banff Hills, my family, fresh air, food on my table, a good cry in his presence e.t.c.

One thing I know is that, He is ever present whenever I need him most.....then again I have made a choice to acknowledge him.

Do you acknowledge him?