Never Say Never

What can God not do, the one who made the heavens and the earth, the one who I have decided to praise in every situation and circumstance of my life.

Nothing is impossible with Atobijulo

Yes nothing is impossible he can bring 30+ to come and post on blogville 4 years after her last post.

Can't really say what I am doing here because I was done and dusted with blogville.

I am not as anonymous and 30+ prefers anonymity :( so why in the name of expensive furniture am I here

It started with mama 30+ saying she wants to start vlogging not even blogging, whaattt like seriously okay ain't you too old for that

"yes vlogging and what do you mean by old"

I am like ok then. The little I know about her once she sets her mind to something she can surprise you, so no point encouraging or discouraging her, she will do what she sets her mind to do.

Then I told her I used to have a blog and she was like if I know your blog details, I 'll use it

Excuse me mama thirty plus then the blog will be more like 60+ now abi

"You are not using it anymore are you"

"Whatever I am sha not giving you my blog details"

So one of those days I scrolled to my blog and laughed at my own stories, checked old friends blog and forgot all about it because folks have since moved on. Shalla to the few faithfuls Ex school nerd, Uzezi, Myne Whitman, Good Naija Girl, Inyanmu, Sting, No Limit, Sherri, Jaycee.

Fast forward some weeks later, some persistent spammer kept adding dating website comment each day, which got me annoyed to come  sign in and delete the comments but voila my fingers started typing and I am wondering if there is some arrangement going which I have not got the full gist of.

Well I can't say I am back "shakes head and says  नहीं", but never say never like the Americans will say (since last week)

But I have posted and it so happens that 4 years ago November was the last time I posted, what's with November.

Anyway I can't even keep blogging here I am no longer 30goingon40, although I will always be 30+


NoLimit said...

Awwwwwww I'm feeling so emosh reading this!!! You will always have a home in blogville! Happy new year!!!

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ibiluv said...

everyone has moved on definitely....

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DreamNT said...

Good post!we love visiting in your blog.we will come back soon.


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hope we can all find the strength to come back !

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