Never Say Never

What can God not do, the one who made the heavens and the earth, the one who I have decided to praise in every situation and circumstance of my life.

Nothing is impossible with Atobijulo

Yes nothing is impossible he can bring 30+ to come and post on blogville 4 years after her last post.

Can't really say what I am doing here because I was done and dusted with blogville.

I am not as anonymous and 30+ prefers anonymity :( so why in the name of expensive furniture am I here

It started with mama 30+ saying she wants to start vlogging not even blogging, whaattt like seriously okay ain't you too old for that

"yes vlogging and what do you mean by old"

I am like ok then. The little I know about her once she sets her mind to something she can surprise you, so no point encouraging or discouraging her, she will do what she sets her mind to do.

Then I told her I used to have a blog and she was like if I know your blog details, I 'll use it

Excuse me mama thirty plus then the blog will be more like 60+ now abi

"You are not using it anymore are you"

"Whatever I am sha not giving you my blog details"

So one of those days I scrolled to my blog and laughed at my own stories, checked old friends blog and forgot all about it because folks have since moved on. Shalla to the few faithfuls Ex school nerd, Uzezi, Myne Whitman, Good Naija Girl, Inyanmu, Sting, No Limit, Sherri, Jaycee.

Fast forward some weeks later, some persistent spammer kept adding dating website comment each day, which got me annoyed to come  sign in and delete the comments but voila my fingers started typing and I am wondering if there is some arrangement going which I have not got the full gist of.

Well I can't say I am back "shakes head and says  नहीं", but never say never like the Americans will say (since last week)

But I have posted and it so happens that 4 years ago November was the last time I posted, what's with November.

Anyway I can't even keep blogging here I am no longer 30goingon40, although I will always be 30+

God Dey!!!

Echo mic check, blog check post check

Wow omo serious cobwebs and echo here almost eerie been two years gidigba

Seriously Baba God the more I think I know you the more I find there is so much to know, time and time again you have to send some sos my way just to affirm that you love me. Why o why do you love me so. I don't know o but this one thing I know no marra what, wareva happens as long as I have mouth sha I must to kira for you.

Eh ya it's good to blog, this is me stumbling on my own blog after a long time and reading my posts reminiscing and smiling. Darn I miss blogville small, the landscape has changed, most of my comrades have closed shop it's almost like recession hit blogville. Thank God for the few faithfuls.

I am still alive o, but I have been through Wen as in the kind of things I have been through it's only a testimony to God that my sanity is intact.

In all that I have learnt so much about myself, I am learning so much about people. My logo for the past eon months has been "We’ve been surrounded and battered by troubles, but we’re not demoralized; we’re not sure what to do, but we know that God knows what to do; we’ve been spiritually terrorized, but God hasn’t left our side; we’ve been thrown down, but we haven’t broken." 2 Cor 4:9. Yelz you can call me o jabo ko fo (it dropped but it did not break)

I can't shout and I don't know how to preach, but in my own life o, if not for Jesus if not for his love and tender mercy I for don RIP or gone inside. It is now that I understand grace for the moment, do you know that God cuddles yes he does.
I don't know how to form especially when it comes to God, one time right in church I buzwaka and pumped the waterworks, one request only "God please carry me". It is only the people that reach there that can talk. Before I could say ki lo nsele, his warmth enveloped me omo I was like shey mo n float ni (am I floating).

Whatever you are going through there is hope, in fact it got to the point I wrote out a contract declaring what the end will be even though my liver shake, sometimes it still shakes but I shan't gree. So go ahead write down what you want the end of the matter to be, afterall God does the same, he declares the end from the beginning (precedence has been set) so shikena.

Even if it means carrying bible and reading it loud to my own hearing, even if it means calling my own name and saying hear the word of the Lord "it is written blah blah blah" I will do it.

Anyhoos thirty+ still dey, my family is fine mo wa kampe, learning and living. I just say make I tell you say God Dey :)

On another note: enough jagbajantis is out there now, creepy things that threaten all that God represents in our lives, please don't dabble o, don't even go there, all those higher knowledge, seeking what is not lost, trying to gratify this flesh that will not stop until it leads one to point of no return. In fact I sometimes get melancholic when I think of how our children can remain spotless from all the ills and perversions that is in this world but God Dey!

Just in case you are wondering what the picture is all about, please ask google images, I typed in jagbajanits and they came up with the

Till later, you are not alone, God Dey

In conclusion

Hello Peeps,

There is nobody like you Lord, like arugbo ojo - that's what I have got playing over and over again on my laptop media as I type
Yes ke there is no one like him, how else can I thank him for all he has done and he is doing.
 I kira fun baba God a million times with a million tongues, not enough

You have heard it before and it's true in my case as well. I wrote a post many times but alas it was in my head that the post was written.

I wrote the post about the Sunday Sunday dude who did not tell me that the friend he constantly mentioned and reported to at so called ungodly hours was the actually the girl he told me about, the post was one longyness of a post. I wrote it honestly but it was in my head that I wrote it. How he commended my cooking and how I took courage to ask a burning question that I sensed and he fell yakata for ground.

I wrote about the dude that thinks God is everywhere even when you take someone's name to join your own by force by fire (schwepps I thought that was a girl thing). I wrote what courage it took to walk away, what relief it felt listening to elderly and Godly advice.

And then I actually started to write an entry of myself and paddy mi in a private blog but only managed a few entries. I was going to write about the strange questions folks ask me about paddy "Has he been married before?", "Does he have a child?" "Is he illegal?" and how I could almost sense disappointment when I say "none of the above and yes we are age mates". I did not understand until much must have really looked bleak for thirty+ especially when good men are scarce.

A man once told me about Elijah and the remnant prophets who did not bow to Baal, I believed him then theoretically and as a believer but now I believe him even more because I am a witness to it.

I am endlessly thankful and totally gobsmacked about God's faithfulness.

Between taking pictures at weddings, working 9-5, shuttling between two abodes, chasing defaulters and planning a wedding it has been one wonderful ride this year.

So in conclusion, here is to the wonderful friends I have made on blogville, to the few frogs that came my way, to my paddy who sealed our friendship with a ring (still pinching myself and love you gan ni o)

I'm off blogville.

Till we meet again on facebook,  another blog, at a function, on a flight, somewhere, anywhere, this is soon to be Mrs Oluwathirty+ saying keep keeping it real, keep loving God, keep representing him everywhere you go, there is nobody like our God.

Aurevoir, O digba, Goodbye :)

12 Things

Hello peeps,

Once upon a time there was a creator, who created the heavens and earth, he formed a being from clay breathed in his nostrils and called him man. This man who can be grouped by race and creed was created in the likeness of the creator

This creator who also created thirty+, ness is the greatest of the greatest, the only God, to him be all praise and glory
So my very dear friend and pally shared this with me and I thought wow, it's bloggable. Even though this was written about a hundred years ago, it is still relevant and not just for negros, white, caucasian, red indians and so on, indeed there is one or two principles to learn for all of human race. My comments are in red italics

12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself by Nannie Helen Burroughs
Posted by Black Men In Founder & Publisher Gary Johnson from the original book by Ms. Burroughs. (Circa Early 1900's)

1. The Negro Must Learn To Put First Things First. The First Things Are: Education; Development of Character Traits; A Trade and Home Ownership (three out of four is not bad eh).
The Negro puts too much of his earning in clothes, in food, in show and in having what he calls "a good time." The Dr. Kelly Miller said, "The Negro buys what he WANTS and begs for what he Needs." Too true!

2. The Negro Must Stop Expecting God and White Folk To Do For Him What He Can Do For Himself.
It is the "Divine Plan" that the strong shall help the weak, but even God does not do for man what man can do for himself. The Negro will have to do exactly what Jesus told the man (in John 5:8) to do--Carry his own load--"Take up your bed and walk."

3. The Negro Must Keep Himself, His Children And His Home Clean And Make The Surroundings In Which He Lives Comfortable and Attractive.
He must learn to "run his community up"--not down. We can segregate by law, we integrate only by living. Civilization is not a matter of race, it is a matter of standards. Believe it or not--some day, some race is going to outdo the Anglo-Saxon, completely. It can be the Negro race, if the Negro gets sense enough. Civilization goes up and down that way.

4. The Negro Must Learn To Dress More Appropriately For Work And For Leisure.
Knowing what to wear--how to wear it--when to wear it and where to wear it, are earmarks of common sense, culture and also an index to character (so true, I remember the term "power suit").

5. The Negro Must Make His Religion An Everyday Practice And Not Just A Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Emotional Affair (Amen sister).

6. The Negro Must Highly Resolve To Wipe Out Mass Ignorance.
The leaders of the race must teach and inspire the masses to become eager and determined to improve mentally, morally and spiritually, and to meet the basic requirements of good citizenship.
We should initiate an intensive literacy campaign in America, as well as in Africa. Ignorance--satisfied ignorance--is a millstone abut the neck of the race. It is democracy's greatest burden.
Social integration is a relationship attained as a result of the cultivation of kindred social ideals, interests and standards.
It is a blending process that requires time, understanding and kindred purposes to achieve. Likes alone and not laws can do it.

7. The Negro Must Stop Charging His Failures Up To His "Color" And To White People's Attitude.
The truth of the matter is that good service and conduct will make senseless race prejudice fade like mist before the rising sun.
God never intended that a man's color shall be anything other than a badge of distinction. It is high time that all races were learning that fact. The Negro must first QUALIFY for whatever position he wants. Purpose, initiative, ingenuity and industry are the keys that all men use to get what they want. The Negro will have to do the same. He must make himself a workman who is too skilled not to be wanted, and too DEPENDABLE not to be on the job, according to promise or plan. He will never become a vital factor in industry until he learns to put into his work the vitalizing force of initiative, skill and dependability. He has gone "RIGHTS" mad and "DUTY" dumb.

8. The Negro Must Overcome His Bad Job Habits. He must make a brand new reputation for himself in the world of labor. His bad job habits are absenteeism, funerals to attend, or a little business to look after. The Negro runs an off and on business. He also has a bad reputation for conduct on the job--such as petty quarrelling with other help, incessant loud talking about nothing; loafing, carelessness, due to lack of job pride; insolence, gum chewing and--too often--liquor drinking. Just plain bad job habits!

9. He Must Improve His Conduct In Public Places. Taken as a whole, he is entirely too loud and too ill-mannered (Guilty as charged, just been called aside for my loud telephone call which I taught was okay to shout as I was in one of the office meeting rooms - alas the soundproofing of the room was not made with my decibels of nosie in scope, in my defence I was talking to my father who kept saying so oro soke (speak louder) according they guessed it was me because it was an African Voice yeeepa!. There is much talk about wiping out racial segregation and also much talk about achieving integration. Segregation is a physical arrangement by which people are separated in various services.
It is definitely up to the Negro to wipe out the apparent justification or excuse for segregation.
The only effective way to do it is to clean up and keep clean. By practice, cleanliness will become a habit and habit becomes character.

10. The Negro Must Learn How To Operate Business For People--Not For Negro People, Only.
To do business, he will have to remove all typical "earmarks," business principles; measure up to accepted standards and meet stimulating competition, graciously--in fact, he must learn to welcome competition (kerching, glad i am slowly and surely breaking the mold in my photography).

11. The Average So-Called Educated Negro Will Have To Come Down Out Of The Air. He Is Too Inflated Over Nothing. He Needs An Experience Similar To The One That Ezekiel Had--(Ezekiel 3:14-19). And He Must Do What Ezekiel Did.
Otherwise, through indifference, as to the plight of the masses, the Negro, who thinks that he has escaped, will lose his own soul. It will do all leaders good to read Hebrew 13:3, and the first Thirty-seven Chapters of Ezekiel.
A race transformation itself through its own leaders and its sensible "common people." A race rises on its own wings, or is held down by its own weight. True leaders are never "things apart from the people." They are the masses. They simply got to the front ahead of them. Their only business at the front is to inspire to masses by hard work and noble example and challenge them to "Come on!" Dante stated a fact when he said, "Show the people the light and they will find the way!"

There must arise within the Negro race a leadership that is not out hunting bargains for itself. A noble example is found in the men and women of the Negro race, who, in the early days, laid down their lives for the people. Their invaluable contributions have not been appraised by the "latter-day leaders." In many cases, their names would never be recorded, among the unsung heroes of the world, but for the fact that white friends have written them there.

"Lord, God of Hosts, Be with us yet."

The Negro of today does not realize that, but, for these exhibits A's, that certainly show the innate possibilities of members of their own race, white people would not have been moved to make such princely investments in lives and money, as they have made, for the establishment of schools and for the on-going of the race.

12. The Negro Must Stop Forgetting His Friends. "Remember."
Read Deuteronomy 24:18. Deuteronomy rings the big bell of gratitude. Why? Because an ingrate is an abomination in the sight of God. God is constantly telling us that "I the Lord thy God delivered you"--through human instrumentalities.

The American Negro has had and still has friends--in the North and in the South. These friends not only pray, speak, write, influence others, but make unbelievable, unpublished sacrifices and contributions for the advancement of the race--for their brothers in bonds.

The noblest thing that the Negro can do is to so live and labor that these benefactors will not have given in vain. The Negro must make his heart warm with gratitude, his lips sweet with thanks and his heart and mind resolute with purpose to justify the sacrifices and stand on his feet and go forward--"God is no respector of persons. In every nation, he that feareth him and worketh righteousness is" sure to win out. Get to work! That's the answer to everything that hurts us. We talk too much about nothing instead of redeeming the time by working.

In spite of race prejudice, America (United Kingdom, UAE, Germany, Afghanistan indded the whole world) is brim full of opportunities. Go after them!

So what is your action plan now?

Till later

Special Offer, Now and Then

Hi Peeps,

Some things never change, there is however the One who changes but never himself changes, they call him the Unchanging Changer. To him I bow my knees in worship and thanks

I was just thinking about it this morning as I came into work, the fact that not much changes really specifically relating to School and work

Back then we had lockers
Now at work I have a locker
Back then we had uniforms
Now at work my dressing is pretty uniform (corporate) from Monday to Friday
Back then we had monitors and prefect
Now at work we have snitches and ass lickers
Back then we had peer pressure
Now at work I find myself sometimes speaking like “Bongos” the popular one
Back then the teacher asked questions and we raise our hands to answer
Now at work the boss asks questions and we fake a cough as a sign to answer
Back then we had break time
Now we call it Lunch Hour
Back then if I faked a headache to avoid school my mum farigas and frog marches me to school
Now if I try to fake a headache to avoid work, Bills frog marches me to the door (for me it's no work no pay)
Back then we did simultaneous equations
At work today I had to write a simultaneous equation involving x and y on a piece of paper to help me work out a particular cost.
Back then we had a late comer catcher
Now at work, the 'knowing look' from ‘them lot’ is the late comer catcher

So you see there is no need to bang your head on a wall because, there is nothing new under the sun. As the writer puts it

“What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun”

Until then don't miss this Special Offer

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You get 25% off, this is an exclusive offer for blogspot readers only
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I would have loved

Hello Peeps,

The fact that God is good is not up for debate, I will just admonish that you join me sing halleluya for the good things he has done in our lives.
Ok this is really not an update becaue I just happened to click through to my own blog from another blogger and I had / have no intention of writing an update.
Right now, I have no writing juice nor zeal for blog whatsoever, even though there are few things I would like to blog about. For the life of me there it is not flowing, maybe because it's early in the morning, and I am at work.

But if I had the mojo to update ......
  • I would have loved to write about the gifts I got for my birthday and how I spent the day.
  • I would have loved to write about how pleased I am with myself clearing my backlog and some new skills picked on photoshop.
  • I would have loved to write about Brides and false eyelashes - the danger it poses for your photographer and your wedding pictures.
  • I would have loved like to talk about wigs, the half ones, the full ones, the lace ones e.t.c. and what happened when my favourite half wig went missing for 48 hours leaving me was not funny.
  • I would have loved to rant about how annoying this 'girl' is - the one that likes to peep over my shoulder and read my stuff and how bizarre it is that she just walked past now and peeped over my shoulders yer again. How I would really like to give her a konk on the head or twist her ears (ouush) like my integrated science teacher used to.
But like I said I do not have the zeal to write a post just yet.

So till later

Still Here

Hello Peeps,

I don't know what it is about praises but God does fearful and wonderfl things in praise it is no wonder I kira for him at the begining of each post, afterall there is no me without Him. Thank you father.

Still here even in the midst of my hustle and bustle of this world of ours I occassionaly remember I have a blog, maybe no more readers.

On this rare occassion that I am acutally sittting down on a saturday having just come back from a family portrait shooting and waiting to go and hook up with some fabulous ebis of mine I'm taking time out to drop a line and clear the cobwebs on my blog.

God has a sense of humour, just when I was praying to stop travelling I had to shift base yet again. But I am not going to even talk about that anymore else I start sounding like an annoying resounding cymbal. Afterall only the ones living get to shift base and do lots travelling. On that note may God grant the family of former President Yaradua succour and comfort in this their time of need.
Apart from that thirty + is doing fine, my photography is gaining leaps and bounds everyday, there is so much to learn and even much more to achieve.  I have been covering eventsnon stop for the past six weeks, three weddings inclusive.

I have to make a confession, the last two weddings I covered were so emotional, I found myself crying, it was so beautiful and quite moving. On one occassion it was the misty eyes of the hubby as his bride walked down the aisle that got me and the song playing in the background "from this moment on by shania twain, I tell you even Efunsetan Aniwaura (Idi Amin or Hitler if you have no idea who Efunsetan is) would have shed a tear or two". I had to hold the camera tightly to my face to camouflague my tear stained face...

On the other occassion, it was the bride clinging to her father crying as they danced to Luther Van dross "dance with my father" track. Before you could say jack what his face, thirty plus turned on the water works, this time I used style to move to corner to take my shots.

I know it's probably unprofessional to be crying like that but mehn I could not help it, there is something about weddings in the first place added to it lovely moments like the ones I witnessed, infact....

So anyhow if you are getting married or preparing to get married give me a shout, don't worry I will not come and cry you a river, I have a new strategy to add dark glasses to my photography outfit so you are safe. More than that there is juicy discount to good to resist for my blog family and readers, so give me a shout.

If you have not already done so join my fan page and do invite your friends to join as well, hopefully I will be adding gallery links of some of the events covered soon, so watch out.

In the meantime here is a taster.

Till later, it still moi, thiry plus saying