Special Offer, Now and Then

Hi Peeps,

Some things never change, there is however the One who changes but never himself changes, they call him the Unchanging Changer. To him I bow my knees in worship and thanks

I was just thinking about it this morning as I came into work, the fact that not much changes really specifically relating to School and work

Back then we had lockers
Now at work I have a locker
Back then we had uniforms
Now at work my dressing is pretty uniform (corporate) from Monday to Friday
Back then we had monitors and prefect
Now at work we have snitches and ass lickers
Back then we had peer pressure
Now at work I find myself sometimes speaking like “Bongos” the popular one
Back then the teacher asked questions and we raise our hands to answer
Now at work the boss asks questions and we fake a cough as a sign to answer
Back then we had break time
Now we call it Lunch Hour
Back then if I faked a headache to avoid school my mum farigas and frog marches me to school
Now if I try to fake a headache to avoid work, Bills frog marches me to the door (for me it's no work no pay)
Back then we did simultaneous equations
At work today I had to write a simultaneous equation involving x and y on a piece of paper to help me work out a particular cost.
Back then we had a late comer catcher
Now at work, the 'knowing look' from ‘them lot’ is the late comer catcher

So you see there is no need to bang your head on a wall because, there is nothing new under the sun. As the writer puts it

“What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun”

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I would have loved

Hello Peeps,

The fact that God is good is not up for debate, I will just admonish that you join me sing halleluya for the good things he has done in our lives.
Ok this is really not an update becaue I just happened to click through to my own blog from another blogger and I had / have no intention of writing an update.
Right now, I have no writing juice nor zeal for blog whatsoever, even though there are few things I would like to blog about. For the life of me there it is not flowing, maybe because it's early in the morning, and I am at work.

But if I had the mojo to update ......
  • I would have loved to write about the gifts I got for my birthday and how I spent the day.
  • I would have loved to write about how pleased I am with myself clearing my backlog and some new skills picked on photoshop.
  • I would have loved to write about Brides and false eyelashes - the danger it poses for your photographer and your wedding pictures.
  • I would have loved like to talk about wigs, the half ones, the full ones, the lace ones e.t.c. and what happened when my favourite half wig went missing for 48 hours leaving me stranded....it was not funny.
  • I would have loved to rant about how annoying this 'girl' is - the one that likes to peep over my shoulder and read my stuff and how bizarre it is that she just walked past now and peeped over my shoulders yer again. How I would really like to give her a konk on the head or twist her ears (ouush) like my integrated science teacher used to.
But like I said I do not have the zeal to write a post just yet.

So till later