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Blog Peeps,

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Sorry I had to make the page unavailable for a few hours, I was changing my template o, lots of ammending and mending, e no easy.

I nearly lost the whole blog at one point, thank God for small wisdom of quick backtrack.

That is it no more template changing for a long while!

Have a fab weekend.

Proper update mid next week.



Blog peeps what's jamming

Thank you Jesus for Princessa's mum, thank you for Catwalq's talent on the Academie, thank you for protecting Lighty's broke arse and helping with her serious thinking, thank you for London Buki's mum because she is getting better everyday, thank you for bringing joy to Carlang, for Ugo's new job, for Bimby's creativity (happy ever after *winks*), for Allied who became a year older, for Aijay and her weird clients, for Isi's Monday tonic, for Nyemoni who has refused to update and all other bloggers, In one word, THANK YOU FOR BLOGVILLE.

Votes are in, and you've voted for a Blog makeover, so I go fishing for a new template, pray I find a better one....

Folks, I have moved into the more permanent abode I refered to in my post Prisoner in my home. After a lot of palavas and going back and forth, I moved in over the last weekend...phew.

IF you hear that I have a housemate it is by my own choice. One thing is sure I will not be getting any dude or babe who is more than 5ft 6inches.

I HAVE NEVER LIVED ON MY OWN, always had a flatmate, siblings, family, friend or someone living with me, hhmn.

At times like this I really pine to have a man, right the bulbs of the house are kind of different and I am thinking who is gonna change that for me. How do I sort getting some of the furntiture bits and such stuff. Don't get me wrong o when push comes to shove 30+ can do anything she sets her mind to but I don't want to.

Dear God send me an angel, not one of those who have wings (nah, no flying in the house), I mean a hunk of brother who will be more than happy to do all those manly stuff, loves me, has good genes (for the babies) but most importantly LOVES YOU.

My Neighbours: They are mostly Old Age Pensioners, how did I find myself in this place. Chai long pointy nose is not just there for show, dem dey nosey.
They seem quite nice and I already know the story of most of them. No thanks to Mrs I who voluntarily gave me the low down, I had tea with her yes already, I am having tea with em, small time y'all will hear that I am playing Bingo with them. I have made up my mind to be relevant in my community and spread the love to my neighbours. If I have to sit down hearing stories of their life and 1st world war so be it.

A light hidden is of no use.

Mr M gave me a fright this morning as he knocked on my car window, he apologised profusely for not responding well to my gestures last night (he lives across from me) aw bless his heart, he must have been watching me from the window (talk of free neighbourhood watch).

The area is very quiet and peaceful, I really hope to stay here for a while at least before having to move again.

Kind of getting weary of this pilgrim lifestyle, which way to go God.

Let me put in perspective, in the past two years I have worked in 5 different towns, although it comes with some perks and reward.

Some folks say it is not good for me to be moving so much, especially working in small towns like sosolios and kilimanjaro, "30+ you need to be where the action is (i.e. Jand), so you can settle down quickly".

Okayee why have I not 'settled down' in the donkey years I stayed in Jand, abeg step aside may I no jam you with my moto, duty calls.....

C'est la vie

On a seperate note altogether, can someone please explain their concept of deja vu?!

Princessa abeg carry your '32 pearls' from my dream o, the girl was just gisting away like there is tomorrow and this is me thinking this gal too like gist sha.

Till laters


Old Wive's Fable - Beanz

Hi Peeps,

Trust God is taking care of you, looked out of my window this morning and saw the clouds, beautiful Van gogh got nothing on that I thought.

Oya Blogvile get voting now should I give my site a makeover, see the polls on the right, just 7 days to go, remember voting is your constitutional right (Although, I have the Veto, ha ha ha)

On gist level, let me share my recent experience involving a friends advice, beans and the consequences.

In the quest to loose weight, I have been watching my diet and resolved to reduce my Carbs as much as possible which means more proteins, vegetables, lentils e.t.c. Chief protein source that I could think of was beans and it's derivatives including akara, moinmoin e.t.c. Spurred on by my resolve, I decided to go all out for BEANS!!!

Well my FRIEND dutifully advises me that I should put the dry skin of the onion in the beans when cooking it, according to her it will help with the after effect of eating too much beans (gas). Call me silly but i believed her, plus I needed all the encouragement of making beans my best friend. I followed instruction to the letter stripping the onion naked, I put all the leaves in the cooking pot and cooked the beans to taste. I patted myself on the back because it seemed I had found the solution to after beans effect, IRO NLA (big lie).

Okay if you are very posh and think a lady should not talk about this things please stop reading now...otherwise I no send o.

Consequences - Come next morning, it was as if all forms of gas were called to congregated to alertness inside my stomach and they were doubling up, as in "lef-right", "lef-right", "nzobu nzobu eh ba eh", without warning artilleries started firing ni sha.
To the left, to the right and center in different flavors. Such was the involuntary action bursting out of me (with little resistance from the pectoral muscle).
I was left to stew in my own ***. It was compounded by the fact that I became upset that I had believed one of those olf wive's tales, should have known better, what has onion skin got to do with gaseous aftereffects of beans.
Talking about componded problem, Hydrgen, Nitrogen, Sulphur and oxygen were all compounding into a complex chemical easing itself out of Moi. The ramshackle onion leaves had done nada.

Y'all could have put a nozzle up in there and get your fill on, for cooking ready one time, no shakin.

The assault lasted till like lunchtime with the help from lots of water drinking and forceful management interventiona.k.a whitehouse visit by force.

There was nothing babed up about me that day meehn.

I did not dare to move unnecessarily from my seat because I was not sure that the evidence was still not hung up in the air following me around.

With no perfume on hand (the one day I needed it most), I just dey solo level while I counted my blessings that the guy that sits beside me is on long term assignment and being Friday a few of the other colleagues were off, the rest were at a safe distance.

It got me thinking about the useless old wives fable we have concorted over the years because come to think of it there is no correlation between onion leaves and beans . I mean where in the name of sardine and geisha do these old wives fables come from listed below are some of the ones I have heard:
  1. If a pregnant woman cooks moinmoin it will never be cooked - Get me some mean pressure cooker and see if it does not cook to overcooking.
  2. Pissing over a dog bite helps to heal wound quickly - Yeah right, is that not adding salt (from the urine) to injury.
  3. Putting your hand out to collect rain water can make you become paralysed (Mum, you could have just told small 30+ to stop playing in the rain)
Drop the ones you know in the comments section


HAPPY 21st

Hi Peeps,

What's good y'all? I am fine o, just there are a few things I am praying and trying to resolve. It all relates to my pilgrim lifestyle at the moment but I am not going to bore you with the details maybe later when it has all come to it always does.

This is my 21st post and I am feeling gengencious about it and have decided to celebrate it, you may say I am trying to recapture the past years going by the noise I am making. You are not far from the truth, when I started typing and it hit me that this was my 21st post, suddenly the thought of my 21st birthday filled my mind, my plans e.t.c. It seems like donkey years ago when I celebrated my 21st Birthday, how time flies.

I was still in the University, I remember my mum wanting to make a big fuss and we nearly had a fight because I did not want any fuss. My reason; I was in Nigeria, my siblings were in the UK it just did not feel right to celebrate without them being there.

I also remember that at 21, some long term bloke friend of mine was pinning for me and I knew it not. I wondered why he looked sad in my birthday pictures, later found out he was pained because he did not know how to ask me out and I was messing up his plans to do just that (without knowing it). I on the other hand was also head over heels for the guy.......

At 21, I remember being happy and nervous at the same time. I was happy that to finally be able to call myself 20+, not just 20 to which some will say you have just left teenage years but from then on it was going to be 20 something. I was soon going to leave the University soon to face the WICKED WORLD. I still felt like a child yet everyone was saying I was now a Big girl. I secretly wished to turn back time and get more time to prepare me for this so called Adult life.

Soon I will have to start working and making money, no more allowance from parents. What if I did not get a job? What if I get a job and don't know what to do? Will I have to remember those lectures I had recieved at the Uni ? I prayed seriously hoping not to get a job with any element of PHYSICS (did and still do not like that subject). Anyways my international business will be my main income stream so even if they sack me I will just go into business full time (at least that was what I thought).

Little did I know what that sooner than I thought my life was going to take another direction altogether.....

Some other 21st news -(Surely this can not be true)
33-year-old man in northern Malaysia has married a 104-year-old woman, saying mutual respect and friendship turned to love.It was Muhamad Noor Che Musa's first marriage and his wife's 21st, according to The Star newspaper which cited a report in the Malay-language Harian Metro tabloid. "I am not after her money, as she is poor," Muhamad reportedly said. "Before meeting Wook, I never stayed in one place for long." The report did not say if any of Wook's previous 20 husbands are still alive.

Enough Story.......let the celebration commence....THIS IS MY 21st POST HIP, HIP HURRAY!!!

I was 21 and now I am 30+, truly God is Good, his mercies endure and he is faithful.

All these food just for 21st post celebration 30+ you sure hunger was not another factor for puttin so much food up (lol).

Ok I am sharing the food with Nigeria, since this is her independence anniversary week.